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In Defense of the Environment Artists of Cuba and Canada

Cuban and Canadian artists are presenting here an art project entitled "Two Groups of 7 + 1", which in championing the preservation of nature and its links with mankind. Read More

In Cuba thirteen percent of teenagers suffer from bronchial asthma

Thirteen percent of Cuban teenagers suffer from bronchial asthma, which can lead to physical disabilities and impact on the family’s dynamics, said the doctor, who is also a founder of the allergy services of the Juan Manuel Márquez pediatric training hospital of Havana. Read More

Cuban Badminton Players in World Ranking

Cuba's best four badminton players were including in the world ranking of that sport, as a result of their international achievements. Read More

Exclusive specimens and shelters more than 160 flora species, of Cuban flora in Sabanalamar Reserve

Famous for its peculiar white sand forests, the protected area of Sabanalamar, in western Cuba, shelters more than 160 flora species, and almost the third part of them are endemic. Read More

President of Nigeria Umaru Musa Yar'Adua described the relationship with Cuba as excellent

President Yar'Adua also noted that, "Cuba has always stood by us on international matters to advance the cause of global peace, stability and justice as well as the push for a New International World Order." Read More

Young Cuban Ballet Stars in historic first-time visit to South Africa

In an historic first-time visit to South Africa, an 18-strong company of ballet dancers, The Young Cuban Ballet Stars, will give three performances at the Artscape Opera House on Friday and Saturday. Read More

Power consumption in Cuba has dropped by 141,000 kilowatt hours a year since 2007

Power consumption in Cuba has dropped by 141,000 kilowatt hours a year since 2007 as a result of the replacement of fluorescents lamps in the working sector, as part of the Lighting Efficiency Program. Read More

In Ciego de Ávila, Cuba: First Minimal Access Esophagus Surgery Performed

This is the first time the surgical technique has been used to fix a benign disorder in the esophagus in this province, said Felipe Jorge Aragón, head of surgery of the Luaces Iraola hospital.<br /> Read More

Ratifies his interest in opening the XXIX edition of the Festival of the Caribbean in Santiago de Cuba the President of Honduras

The president of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, ratified at a press conference offered at the seat of the Garifuna ballet in Honduras his interest in being present at the opening ceremony of the XXIX edition of the Festival of the Caribbean, to be held in the first week of July in the city of Santiago de Cuba. Read More