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Extended Use of Cuban Tissue Adhesive Still Doubtful

Tisuacryl is an effective tissue adhesive for the immediate and complete sealing of wounds on skin and mucosae. Wounds shouldn’t be too deep or larger than four centimeters, and there should be no sinews damaged. Read More

Los Van Van and Pablo Milanés to headline Cuba50 weekend

Cuba50 is proud to announce the launch of its showcase event: the Cuba50 weekend at the Barbican 27-28 June, a feast of the very best live Cuban music and dance direct from Cuba. Read More

At least 10 people have died due to severe floods caused by the heavy rains in Haiti

At least 10 people have died due to severe floods caused by the heavy rains in Haiti over the past days, according to a report given by the local civil protection organization on Thursday. Read More

1 448 old men of 100 or more years live in Cuba according to the Medical Association of the Caribbean.

The study determined that only 1,448 people aged 100 or more – and neither the 2,500 that had been cited in official media here since the beginning of the decade nor the 1,700 mentioned in 2008 – live in Cuba. Read More

Erected in Sri Lanka a Monument to Jose Marti

The Solidarity-with-Cuba movement in Sri Lanka agreed to erect a monument in Colombo, its capital city, to honor Cuban national hero Jose Marti. Read More

Cuban Great Master Leinier Domínguez lost with GM Magnus Carlsen in the Sofia Master Chess Tournament

Dominguez tied his first six matches, including the one before this one, against Carlsen, now called The Mozart of Chess, and who is now 18 years old. Read More

Fourteen edition of the Festival of Cuban Cinema was opened in Frankfurt

The event is held at the Filmforum Hoechst Centtre, a prestigious cultural institution of the town hall of this German city. Read More

Debut of the Youth and Children’s Symphony Bands of Camagüey, Cuba

The Youth and Children’s Symphony Bands of Camagüey will make their debut next Sunday, marking the 127th birthday anniversary of renowned Cuban musician Luis Casas Romero. Read More

In Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, More University Courses

Over 1 350 students have been already selected for several courses that either demand additional requirements or don’t include entrance tests such as pedagogical courses, architecture and journalism, among others.<br /> Read More

Using Molecular Biology Technique for Blood Screening In Latin America: Bogotá and Havana

The technology is used in only two cities in Latin America —Bogotá and Havana. It is the only technology that can detect virus from different diseases like HIV/Aids during their so-called “window period” Read More