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In Cuban Baseball Championship Santiago de Cuba Recovers from Two Wounds

The defending champion Santiago de Cuba recovers from two setbacks and defeated the home club Villa Clara 12 runs to three, in the eastern baseball play off.<br /> Read More

Cuban culture in London

A festival of Cuban culture to celebrate the revolution born in 1959 and the half century of this historic event will be held in the next days in London, announced Rob Millar, director of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and executive of Music Fund for Cuba. Read More

Cuban writer Senel Paz in the 35th Buenos Aires International Book Fair.

An overview of Cuban culture and literary work from the 50s to the present was presented by Cuban writer Senel Paz at the 35th Buenos Aires International Book Fair. Read More

Italy and Cuba tied their boxing match five victories per side and one draw in Milan

Cuba and Italy tied their boxing match five victories per side and one draw in Milan, a show attended by almost 3000 people.<br /> Read More

Four Grand Masters and other Latin American Chess players to Intl Tournament in Cuba

Several Latin American chess players will take part in the Elite Group of the international MONCADA tournament, which will start on May 15 in Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Cuba's Health Ministry confirms its 1st swine flu case, a Mexican student

Cuba confirms its 1st swine flu case. Cuba says a Mexican student who came to the island to study is its first confirmed case of swine flu. Read More

Sport industry in Holguin, Cuba gives the right answer to the hard times

The sport industry in Holguin gives the right answer to the hard times, not only to the scarcity of resources but in the substitution of imports by making good use of the supplies. Read More

Lighthouse Roncali in Guanahacabibes Peninsula illuminating the end western of Cuba

Roncali Lighthouse is always impressive for its majestic view, the same as the entire Guanahacabibes Peninsula with its legends of hidden treasures and pirates.<br /> Read More

Barbados' Prime Minister David off to Cuba for bilateral talks

Barbados' Prime Minister David Thompson travels to Cuba today for an official visit that will see him engaging in bilateral talks with President Raul Castro. Read More