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In Defense of the Environment Artists of Cuba and Canada
Creators from the Cram Coleltive from the Niagara region in Ontario and the Luis Díaz Eduardo Cultural Workshop from eastern Santiago de Cuba province, reflect in their paintings the importance of preserving the environment and the participation of man as the main element contributing to its protection.

Throughout May, these artists will exhibit their works at the Oriente Gallery, located in the area around the historic Céspedes Park, as an example of creative exchange and solidarity.

Participating for Canada are painters Tobey Anderson, Ernest Harris junior, Sandy Fairbairn, Melanie MacDonald, Carolyn Wren, Stephen Remus and John Venditti, while Vivian Lozano, Jorge Luis Chávez, José Armando Medina, Gregorio Pérez, Israel Tamayo and Miguel Angel Lovaina -among other artists- represent Cuba.

Cram is a group made up of 30 Canadians and has the smallest art gallery in Canada, devoted to the promotion of the work of national and foreign intellectuals.

The Luis Díaz Cultural Workshop excels as the only one of its kind on the archipelago due to its structure, and it’s in charge of encouraging the work of artists, critics and researchers interested in the creation, study and spreading of art.

It also contributes to the training of creators and to enrich culture by way of lectures, seminars, specialization courses, classes, as well as individual and collective exhibitions, both in Cuba and abroad, plus other activities of similar scope.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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