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The fourth case of swine flu in Cuba, a 14-month-old Canadian child who arrived from Toronto

A 14-MONTH-OLD Canadian child who arrived in Cuba from Toronto with his parents became the fourth case of swine flu on the island nation, in addition to three Mexican students, the Health Ministry said. Read More

In Cuba: Las Tunas surpassed their production of rice in 14 percent.

With a crop of some 480 tons of rice in the first quarter of the year, the smallholders of the eastern province of Las Tunas surpassed their production in 14 percent. Read More

Cuba and charter flights

The crowd of Cuban-Americans pressing against the airport ticket counter scorned those on the other side. Only a handful of American charter companies have landing rights in Cuba, and with the new White House policy letting Cuban-Americans visit relatives there as often as they want, ticket prices have become political. Read More

Cuban Light in drawings by Russian children

This drawing exhibition created by Russian children on Cuban themes demonstrate the continuity of the unbreakable friendship bonds between both countries, declared here the Cuban ambassador, Juan Valdés. Read More

Signed cooperation in Science and Technology Cuba and South Africa

The countries of South Africa and Cuba have agreed to work together in the field of technology, according to South Africa's Department of Science and Technology. Read More

Frank Fernández, Award for Album Producer in Cubadisco 2009

The award winner piano player Frank Fernández achieved here the Award to the Album Producer, a category recognized for the first time in the Cubadisco International festival, dedicated on this edition to music from Puerto Rico.<br /> Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba hosted the 2nd National Festival of Guitar Orchestras this month.

The eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas hosted the 2nd National Festival of Guitar Orchestras this month. Read More

Eighth Latin American Congress on Hematology started in Havana

The Eighth Latin American Congress on Hematology started in Havana with a master lecture on the work Cuba has carried out on hematology over the last 40 years. Read More

Canaria´s Cooperation will Help Residents of Viñales Valley in Cuba

Residents of Cuba''s Viñales Valley, a World Heritage Cultural Landscape, are enjoying the benefits of a cooperation project between the Vinales-based National Park and the Canary Islands'' Foundation for Social Development (FUNDESCAN). Read More

In Cuba: Letters are Crying for Benedetti

The nostalgia for the death of such a colossal figure is not enough to embrace the feelings of the people in Cuba, Iberian America and all over the world who are passionate about his work. <br /> Read More