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Ratifies his interest in opening the XXIX edition of the Festival of the Caribbean in Santiago de Cuba the President of Honduras.
Jose Medinas, Minister of Ethnic groups, Salavador Suazo Cultural Minister in functions and Juan Carlos Hernandez, Cuban ambassador among many other Honduran executives were present at the event.

During his speech, the leader thanked the Cuban authorities having selected Honduras as a guest country in this prestigious cultural event, also known as “Party of Fire”.

At the same time it was confirmed that Honduras will sent a big cultural delegation, made by over 100 artists and intellectuals, who will represent their country arts and letters in Cuba from the 3 and until the 9 of July of this year.

During his first official visit to Cuba in October 2007, President Manuel Zelaya accepted the formal compromise of sending the most representative of the Honduran culture, with emphasis in the Garifune culture, which is an afro culture whose inhabitants live in the Caribbean coast of Honduras.

The festival of the Caribbean is a space for reflection and reinforcement of the Caribbean identity. It has become an exchange forum between academicians, artists and people, truly a popular colloquium.

In July 2008, during the closing of the Festival the Honduran delegation, chaired over by Rodolfo Pastor Fsquelle, the Minister of Culture received the “mpaka”, an insignia that represents the magic energy of this event and the responsibility of organising the participation of Honduras as guest of honour.

(EmbaCuba Honduras)

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