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Debut of the Youth and Children’s Symphony Bands of Camagüey, Cuba
Made up of students of and a graduate from local music schools, the two bands will perform at the Agramonte Park, located in the old Plaza de Armas square.

They are currently immersed in the training process to acquire the skills required to officially form the Youth and Children’s Symphony Orchestra.

Betzabet Consuegra, a graduate from the Art Institute and deputy director of the Symphony Orchestra of Camagüey, leads the group of professionals in charge of training these music students.

Speaking with AIN news agency, Consuegra pointed to the importance of constituting a youth and children’s symphony orchestra, which she said will help those young musicians significantly, better preparing them for their future artistic careers.

During the Sunday concert, the two bands will perform separately and together, in both cases conducted by Betzabet Consuegra.

Pieces by Luis Casas Romero will feature prominently during Sunday’s show. He was also a mambí (rebel during Cuba’s independence struggle from Spanish colonial rule), an orchestra conductor and the founder, in 1922 here in Havana, of the radio station "2LC" –the first with a stable, regular programming in Cuba.

Both symphony bands will also play pieces by other renowned Cuban and foreign composers, among them Cubans Amadeo Roldán, Andrés Alén and Abelardo Valdés and German-English Georg Händel. Sunday’s show will also include performances by the duet Scherzo and the Contemporary Ballet Company Camagüey Endedans.


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