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World Health Organization has confirmed so far 4,694 cases of people infected by the A (H1N1) virus
The health organization also reported 53 deaths, 48 of them in Mexico, where 1,626 infections with the virus have diagnosed.

The United States became the most affected country by the disease, with 2,532 people infected and one death, followed by Mexico and Canada, being 284 the number of patients in the latter country, which has also suffered one death.

According to the report, Spain is the European country that has reported the largest number of people infected, with 95, followed by Great Britain, with 47, the WHO said.

Latin America and Asia have also reported some cases. However, the WHO has not changed the pandemic alert level, which is still at 5 from a top of six, although it has maintained its recommendations of maximizing watchfulness and control.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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