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Sport industry in Holguin, Cuba gives the right answer to the hard times
The development reached by sport, physical culture and recreation in the Cuban eastern province of Holguin has many anonymous heroes. We are not talking of superheroes, but common people that refuse to cross their arms before the scarcity of supplies and that never expect for a miracle to come.

Sometimes the sport gears that have been exploited at all their length are the raw material employed by the local sport industry whose workers do it all in their zeal of reducing expenses and meeting the athletes’ needs.

The sport industry in Holguin has reached the condition of National Vanguard due to fact that its production has become a paradigm for others when meeting plans with good quality.

The sets for chess and domino practice, for instance, enjoy high prestige all across the whole country.

Baseball bats, gloves and balls to back the sport’s massive practice are highly demanded, that is why, it must be increased in order to meet claims.

But the sport industry in Holguin contributes to substitute imports in a lesser or larger degree.

The industry is supplying with different gears the general schools, sports schools and sport academies, and the toy libraries as well, along with so many other places where its productions are claimed.

As a result of the production of the local sport industry, chess practice has grown in Cueto, Mayari, Frank Pais, Sagua de Tanamo and Moa, municipalities from Holguin province linked up with the Plan Turquino –a state program aimed at improving mountain dwellers’ quality of life.

Therefore today, it is not strange to see a huge simultaneous chess game played on the top of Holguin mountains.

(Radio Angulo)


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