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In Cuba Jose Marti Art Instructors Brigade in 50th Anniversary Guerilla
Dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Revolution and to the fifth birthday of the BIAJM, the Guerilla is made up by groups created in all of the fourteen provinces of the country and the special municipality of Isle of Youth. Its members tour around the municipalities and most intricate regions of the country with a minimal level of resources.

Brigade members of dance, theater, music and visual arts, are performing in these regions and are helping in production activities.

Aylin Álvarez García, president of the organization in Havana, told JR that 22 instructors from Havana began this tour with the best of their work.

The members of the Guerilla are being sponsored by different personalities of the cultural world. The BIAJM make their surroundings more dynamics and these experiences also contribute to making the work of the brigade members more efficient.


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