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Cuban Leading Agro Weather Society
This organization groups over one thousand specialists in this field from 110 countries, and Juventud Rebelde reported that Rivero Vega has worked for four decades on protecting the environment.

The expert is the first Cuban to assume direction functions in the prestigious society, founded in 2001, but his work began in the 11th Meeting of the Agricultural Meteorology Commission of the World Meteorology Organization held in Havana in February of 1995.

Rivero Vega is noted for his work as Cuban correspondent of the Founding President of INSAM since its creation and was awarded the First Prize of the Society for Improved Agrometeorological applications in 2005.

He is also the first Cuban to publish a 148 page manual on basic meteorological information and tools for the evaluation of the impact of climate changes on agriculture.

He has continued to contribute to the formation of capacities to confront negative consequences of climate change in Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean.

INSAM has 27 members in Cuba, one of the nations with the highest number in relation to the number of inhabitants.


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