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Over 100 birds in one of the six Biosphere Reserves in Cuba.
Over 100 bird species find shelter in the forests of Sierra del Rosario in Pinar del Río, one of the six Biosphere Reserves in Cuba.

This province turns out to be ideal for the birds, the major wooded territory of the country with 39, 9 covered by trees, specially in Sierra del Rosario with plenty of mahoganies, royal palm trees, majaguas, yagrumas, walnuts and pine groves, all of them sure shelters of any animal.

Such a place, bathed by lakes and rivers, supports plenty of tocororos (national bird), nightingales, woodpeckers, cartacubas, ducks, humming birds, mockingbirds and the tomeguín, with a peculiar yellow neck and endemic of the region, therefore it is only visible in Pinar del Río.

To protect them, the specialists of the Ecologic Station of the Reserve dedicate special care by a constant monitoring of the habitat, and also orient the work of the foresters and the guides of Las Terrazas and Soroa tourist centers, located in that environment and promoters of the birds observation.

The premise: “Not hunting or acquiring wild animals” gains a space in the life of the mountaineers and in the projects of sustainable development of the range.

This Reserve of the Biosphere covers more than 26 thousand hectares, includes more that 800 species of vegetation, 16 of amphibians and 33 of reptiles, plus birds, which chirps make forget the citizen noise, in a place located scarcely 45 minutes trip from the Cuban capital.


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