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The Cuban's Artistic Group Maraguán Returns from Chile and Prepares for New Premiere

The artistic group Maraguán, belonging to the University of Camagüey, has returned from Chile, where it participated in the 1st International Folklore Festival ‘From the End of the World’. Read More

Cuba’s Critical Housing Problem to Be Analyzed

Housing authorities have requested that the new national commission look at a system of ongoing and systematic inspections, as well greater control and accountability on the progress of the country’s housing program. Illegalities and corruption are also concerns Read More

Cabo Verde Singer Mayra Andrade Returns to Cuba

Cabo Verde singer Mayra Andrade started her professional career on stages in her country, but physically she was born in Cuba, "where I came in 1984 in my mother’s womb; here I gave my first cry, in a land with such an important music tradition. Read More