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Vietnam will ensure sufficient rice supply for Cuba this year

Cuba’s rice consumption has reached about 600,000 tons per year, while its annual output is 100,000 tons, according to the national Statistics Office. Read More

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Congratulates Cuban Medical Brigade.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, sent diplomas to members of the ‘Henry Reeve’ Cuban Medical Contingent in recognition of their recent contribution in Chengdu, in the Chinese province of Sichuan, after this region was devastated by an earthquake last month. Read More

Develops Oncoplastic Surgery in Pinar del Río, Cuba

Oncoplastic surgery has been performed in Pinar del Río province on patients with breast cancer, an innovative method that avoids the psychological effects after the tumor is removed by traditional means. Read More

A poem dedicated to Che Guevara to be published by the Argentinean Julio Cortázar

A poem by the Argentinean Julio Cortázar to Commander Che Guevara writen shortly after his death fighting in Bolivia has been published in the web page dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the legendary revolutionary. Read More

Hundreds of young people in front of the US Interest Section in Havana

Hundreds of young people in front of the US Interest Section in Havana reiterated their rejection of the injustices the Five Heroes are suffering, after nearly ten years in prison Read More

Cuban universities have a record number of 267 visually impaired students this year.

Cuban universities have a record number of 267 visually impaired students this year.Physical therapy, law, psychology, social and cultural studies, and physical education, are some of the specialties being studied by these students. Read More

In Havana they meet to trade Cuba and Jamaica

The Fifth Session of the Cuba-Jamaica Intergovernmental Commission was officially inaugurated on Monday in Havana by Jamaican Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Kenneth Baugh and by the Cuban Minister of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, Marta Lomas. Read More

In Guantánamo, Cuba opens the movie "París 1936"

George Chapelle, director of the French Allience, announced in a press conference that Barratier, who made himself known among the Cuban public with his opera prima El coro (2004), proposed for an Oscar as the best foreign movie, is presenting his most recent movie (París 1936) here however it will not start its tour in the French screens until September. Read More

Bolivia: 164 municipalities in that category, where the population has learned how to read and write

More than half of Bolivia’s municipalities have so far been declared free of illiterates, by way of the literacy campaign carried out in that South American nation using the Cuban ‘Yes I Can’ teaching method. Read More

In Havana, Opening of the Castillo de la Real Fuerza Museum

With educational and didactic purposes, this museum aims, among others, themes related to the wealth of the New World, naval models, collections rescued from the sea bottom and marine navigation instruments. Read More