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Students of several teaching levels, members of the Union of Young Communists (UJC), congregated this Thursday to back the social achievements, reached in the territory under the guidance of the PCC, maximum political organization in the country.

Cadres of the direction of the Party in the province welcomed the communist youths and thanked the students´trust during the polemic debates that count on the attendance of 250 delegates.

Ismael Cruz Escobar, first secretary of the UJC in Las Tunas stressed the full back of the juvenile organization to the grass root assemblies that will conclude in Havana, in the 2009, with the the Sixth Congress of the PCC.

The theater of the medical school Zoillo Marinello is the meeting place for the analysis of the final report that will be presented to the people of Las Tunas, a week before, to explain the positive and negatives economic and social changes occurred in the territory since the 5th Congress in October 1997.

The Communist Party of Cuba whose Central Committee was constituted on October 3rd, 1965 proceeds as guarantor of the unity of its members around the principles and the defense of the work of the Revolution, as well as the national independence.

This political organization, directed to the strengthening of the ideology of the Cuban Revolution, has a work based on the humanist ideas of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí and the fight traditions linked to the communist doctrines of Carlos Marx and Vladimir I. Lenin, who foresaw socialism as a different economic and social alternative.


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