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At the Foreign Office building in Havana, Perez Roque pointed out that under this accord Cuba will count on advice from Brazilian experts on growing soybeans. This occurs at a time when food production has become especially critical around the world.

For his part, the Brazilian top diplomat praised the excellent relations between the two countries and said Brasilia wants to become Cuba's number one commercial partner.

The Cuban News Agency quoted Amorim as saying, "We share many visions, especially regarding the integration of Latin American and Caribbean nations, a difficult process hindered by cultural resistance of people who are not used to seeing the region united."

Minister Amorim also referred to the recent creation of the Association of South American Nations (UNASUR) as an "extraordinary victory," highlighting that this is an integrationist body open for the rest of the countries of the region.

Perez Roque noted that in official talks, Amorim had previously updated him on the situation of UNASUR and said an important regional meeting is being organized to take place in Brazil by the end of the year.


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