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Another Virtual Space Dedicated to José Martí
The initiative started thanks to the effort made by the IT team of the company TRASVAL, who after studying every web page dedicated to the Cuban hero, decided to propose a space on the internet to place together the great number of researches made in schools, work centers and community in general. For this reason this will be a web space where children, young people, adults, workers, intellectuals and farmers will be able to write, “Speak” and learn about the Teacher.

As it is already said, the content to be published in "La Rosa Blanca" will be about the life, work and legacy of Jose Marti from the Cuban revolutionary perspective. Besides this requirement, the editors will be very strict when accepting a work to avoid content and orthographic mistakes.

The administrators of the web site will be the own members of the virtual community. This way they get they own prominence and autonomy. The users will be in five groups: Administrators, Editors, Collaborators, Authors and Anonymous Users.

According to Raclit Abad Consuegra, IT specialist and one of the main promoters of the idea, to be a collaborator in any of these, before mentioned, modalities it is necessary a registration process in the virtual community. This process has two steps: the application that can be made using several different ways in the site, and the approval by the editorial committee.

“This community is not a simple addition of pages and articles that can be collected in a web site, but it weigh up the relationships between the members. I’m talking about the communication, the reciprocity, the affection and friendship of people when they have a common goal”.

Abad Consuegra also explained that for the configuration and insertion of informatics was used Tikiwiki, a free software available on the internet. To guarantee the exchanges and communication between users there were created valuable tools, such as the own wiki pages, collaboration, articles, chat, photos, calendar search tools and information of on line users.

Nowadays the digital edition is on the net under the web address, but there are plans to coordinate with the Center of Martian Studies the financing of an independent web address.

Since not everybody has internet access, and after coordination to feedback, the creators will introduce "La Rosa Blanca" in several intranet services, such as the University of Santa Clara, the Interior Ministry among many others.

It is also expected to create different modules with the content of the web page, to distribute it in schools and work centers that do not have internet access.


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