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Cuba: Summer and Tourism
Although the average temperature in the Cuban archipelago is 24.6 degrees Celsius (76.28 degrees Fahrenheit), summer time is an incentive for tourists who spend their vacations at beaches throughout the country.

A wide range of activities in the fields of sports, culture and social life in general are scheduled for July and August, the hottest months in Cuba.

Moreover, most vacationers come to Cuba to be in direct contact with nature, so they spend the day at the beach and enjoy cultural activities at night in a country where music and dance are everywhere you go.

In addition to scores of excellent beaches, Cuba also offers its European-style architectural wealth from the Spanish colonial period.

Precisely, that element turns the Cuban capital, one of the seven villages founded by the Spanish conquistadors and named San Cristóbal de La Habana at the time, especially the historic heart of the city, into a key destination in most tourist programs.

It is worth noting that the core of the Cuban capital holds several castles, fortresses and valuable buildings constructed around squares that are surrounded by monasteries and temples.

Havana, which was known as the Fortress City of the West Indies and the Key to the New World centuries ago, is a living museum that exhibits several architectural styles that marked the different stages in the development of the Cuban capital.

In addition to recreational activities, Cuba also boasts a good health system, which has become a key element in the social development of the country. Medical centers throughout the island nation provide a wide range of treatments against several diseases.

Cuban experts have developed traditional medicine and cutting-edge technologies, a combination aimed at improving the people's quality of life and available for foreign tourists as well.

Complex surgical procedures are performed by highly-skilled professionals characterized by their staunch principles and humanism.

First-line programs and the latest techniques are available for foreign visitors looking for treatment against ophthalmological diseases or skin ailments, including vitiligo.


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