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Jurists in Ciego de Avila, Cuba Against the Atlanta Ruling

The jurists of Ciego de Ávila rejected the ruling of a three-judges panel at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia, which last Wednesday 4 upheld the guilty verdicts against the five Cuban patriots, who are confined in American jails since 1998, and annulled the sentences of three of them for further re-sentencing. Read More

National Lawyers Guild Support the Cuban Five

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) believes that politics influenced the federal appeals court decision of upholding the convictions to the five Cuban prisoners for fighting terrorism. Read More

Las Tunas, Cuba Is Aboout to Select Participants to University Festival

The most important appointment in the university art: the Festival of Amateur Artists, reaches during these days its most important concretion in this eastern province, with the final audition that will specify the participant works to the 19th national edition of the event, next November. Read More

June 6: 47th anniversary of Cuban's Ministry of Interior

A group of men and women of different generations, on behalf of the thousand members of the Ministry of Interior, celebrated Thursday morning the 47th anniversary of this military institution created June 6, 1961. Read More

General Vicar of the city of Havana evoked Saturday the respect felt by deceased Pope John Paul II by the Che Guevara

Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garcia-Menocal, General Vicar of the city of Havana, evoked Saturday the respect felt by deceased Pope John Paul II by legendary guerrilla leader Ernesto Che Guevara in a webpage dedicated to Che Guevara. Read More

Tribute to Jilma Madera the sculptor of Havana Christ

Over 500 pieces made by the Cuban artist Jilma Madera (1915-2000), who made the famous Havana Christ, are on exhibition at the San Cristobal Museum in the western city of Pinar del Rio. Read More

Cuban singer Omara Portuondo presented her new CD in a German festival

“Miss, please”, corrected Omara a German journalist who was talking to her as “Mrs Portuondo” during a press conference organized by Autostadt, the communication platform of Volkswagen, the company that is organizing the Cultural Festival Movements, in which the Cuban singer presented Gracias, her new production. Read More

Cuban Trova Singer/Songwriter Silvio Rodríguez Dedicated to Che

A song dedicated to Commander Ernesto Che Guevara by Cuban trova singer/songwriter Silvio Rodríguez is posted on a new Cuban web site launched on the occasion of the 80th birthday anniversary of the Argentinean-Cuban guerrilla fighter, to be marked on June 14th. Read More

In Havana and other Cuban cities: 22nd International Music Festival ‘Boleros de Oro´ Dedicated to Ecuador

The International Music Festival ‘Boleros de Oro´ - the most important Cuban gathering of bolero singers, songwriters, musicologists and bolero lovers - is held every summer in Havana and other Cuban cities. Read More

Cuba: 6th International ‘Pensar a Contracorriente´ Essay Contest

The Cuban Book Institute and the Social Sciences Sociales publishing house have announced the 6th International ‘Pensar a Contracorriente´ Essay Contest, aimed at promoting critical awareness of current world problems and challenges from a broad anti-colonial, anti-imperialist perspective. Read More