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It was built two blocks from Plaza de Armas, in a place - today Camagüey downtown - which began irradiating in 1528 as one of the first populational nucleus founded by the Spaniards in the Island.

Since March, the new building remains as "Larios" workshop gallery, and it is located in the downtown of this city.

A spacious exposition hall is the front of the antique structure, in which painter Orestes Larios Zaak performs as the head of a project mainly based in the creation, promotion, and teaching of the plastic arts.

Larios is one of the most important contemporary authors of the plastic arts in Camagüey, and his authorial labor mirrors the protection of the environment, topic that gave him, among other rewards, the first award of painting in a contest sponsored by World Food Program (PMA) in Cuba.

State entities have worked together for restoring the building, fact that brought back a place - previously deteriorated - with a great heritage value and with significant exponents such as: its trilobulated arches and its precious wooded coffers.

One particularity of this institution is being located within the city sector that has been proposed to the World Heritage status, which verdict will be released this year by United Nations Education Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO).

The ancient colossal house spots an area of an intense flow of pedestrians and cycles and treasures, with a history marked by the pass of time and, the genesis of a new history: for solacing the spirit of the people.


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