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Las Tunas, Cuba: Plenary of the Communist Party Debates Agenda to Substitute Imports.
Even when the province fulfilled in 126 percent the plan of the first trimester and grew with its exports in comparison with the same stage in 2007, the reservations are still very above that programmed.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas, points out that the participants in the plenary debated ideas on what to do in order to achieve the decisive participation of each man or woman in the productions toward the foreign borders or in the substitution of imports.

Jorge Cuevas, first secretary of the Party in the province, said that five of the eight municipalities satisfy their planned necessities with their milk. The province adopted organizational strategies and its results were better to diminish imports of powdered milk.

The Plennary recognized that Las Tunas has defined to exploit 45 lines in 30 entities, but if it works with dynamism it can incorporate others that were not planned.


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