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Art Instructors in Junior High Schools in their Desire of Spreading the Cuban Culture
Those youths, members of the José Martí Brigade, teach dance, plastic arts, music and theater in some 350 schools, where they organize appreciation workshops and creative work with students, teachers and neighbors, in which they encourage human values.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas quoted the words of Jésica Castellano who works in the Rubén Bravo primary school, of this city who pointed out to feel satisfied because she has motivated the children and achieved in them a superior sense of responsibility and a better behavior with her classes and choreographies.

Jésica asserted to be very happy, because she helps to rescue and promote the Cuban music and the traditional dances, when in the whole world the cultural panorama is marked by the consumerism, the banality and the nonsense.

The work of these instructors reaches the most remote places in the territory, about 670 kilometers to the east of Havana, with a valuable contribution in the promotion of the art and the literature.

The syllabus for Formation of Art Instructors was created in the 2000 and in Cuba there are already 13, 000 graduates who together with other promoters have the mission of helping to improve the poeple's quality of life, with a general and integral culture.


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