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Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage said that national food programs growth
To buy one ton of pasta from abroad costs 1200 dollars while home production costs 980, noted Lage at the opening ceremony of modern plant with the highest technology and designed to produce 12,000 tons annually.

The factory, built in one of the facilities of a sugar factory dismantled this present year, is part of a national program to increase domestic production from 20,000 to 70,000 tons in four years.

The also secretary of the Ministers Councils Executive Committee visited a recently built plant that will produce 20 tons of CO2 daily, used to produce soft drinks.

The revolution is going now through a process of construction, recovery and progress which nobody dreamt of 10 years ago, emphasized the leader.

Despite the difficult situation in the world Cuba has more possibilities than any other Latin American country to achieve progress in the economic field, he said.

Lage also attended opening of two new polyclinics, raising to 15 those built and repaired during the last five years, of 22 existing in this territory.


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