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Change of Bulbs Saves Electricity in Las Tunas, Cuba
The new bulbs, made in China, use electronic transformers instead of the electromagnetic devices, what reduces until 25 percent the losses of electric fluid, besides lighting three times more than those used up to now.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency in Las Tunas points out that these bulbs do not need electromagnetic lighter and they admit from 95 to 305 volts, ideal range to avoid the consequences of the oscillations of the voltage that deteriorates and destroys a big number of equipments every year.

This new program, that is caried out in the whole country, saves remarkable volumes of fuel, electricity and foreign currencies that are used in the generation of energy. It also strengthens the energy Revolution that Cuba began in 2005, with the objective of economizing fuel, electricity and energy resources, besides elevating the level of the population's life.


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