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Important Achievement of the Cuban Revolution: The Daycares
Since the school year 1993 -1994 all the educators of those centers and 93 percent of their pedagogic assistants or nannies, already had a certificate to teach. In that year the country opened the Degree in Preschool Education whose applicants must be high school graduates.

In this eastern province of Las Tunas there are 26 daycares, with an enrollment that is superior to the four thousand children between one and five years old while the technical personnel ascends the 600 workers that offer benefit to some four thousand mothers.

In the country there are some 1, 110 daycares with a registration above the 150, 800 children, 21, 800 educators in favor of more than 140, 000 mothers.

The National Program of Action, derived from the World Summit for Children is already fulfilled in Cuba since 1993. In that date the country planned to offer teaching to 50 percent of the children in ages between zero to five years old, besides one hundred percent to those that turn five years old.

The children begin in the daycares when they are one year old. Before that time they and their families receive educational asistance in the neighborhoods by means of the program Educates Your Son. The children that cannot reach a chair at a daycare have a posibility in this program where they receive the necessary teaching to begin the school well prepared. Then, the Preschool grade is obligatory for all the Cubans when turning the five years old.


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