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New Vaccine Plant in Cuba

Cuba's health system will benefit from a new plant to produce the active components of vaccines. Read More

Cuban President Raúl Castro closed the 3rd Cuba-CARICOM in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban President Raul Castro closed the 3rd Cuba-CARICOM Summit this Monday afternoon in Santiago de Cuba; a Summit dedicated to the state of affairs of economic, solidarity and financial exchanges between CARICOM member countries. Read More

In Santiago de Cuba: The Caribbean for Reform in World Finances

Leaders of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) demanded on Monday changes in the world financial system, the crisis of which threatens small economies particularly. Read More

The President of the Cuban parliament, Ricardo Alarcón in Mexico to Binational Parliament Session

The President of the Cuban parliament, Ricardo Alarcón, is in this capital to head his country´s delegation to the 10th Inter-parliament Session of both nations.<br /> Read More

Audiovisual Exhibition in Camagüey, Cuba

The audiovisual exhibition &quot;El Almacén de la Imagen&quot; (The Storehouse of Image) will be held in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey, where hundreds of works by Cuban artists will be screened.<br /> Read More

134-member Cuban medical mission Helps Fight Cholera in Zimbabwe

The 134-member Cuban medical mission to Zimbabwe met a call from the local government, committing to fight the cholera epidemic that has killed 600 people so far. Read More

Arturo Sotto’s Film Represents Cuba at Festival in Malaysia

The film ‘La Noche de los Inocentes’ (The Night of the Innocents) represented Cuba at the 7th Latin American Film Festival in Malaysia, which ended last December 7th. Read More

Alfredo Guevara to point out young creators in movie festival

Alfredo Guevara, founder and president of the New Latin American International Movie Festival, to take place here, pointed out that 80 percent of the presented work comes from young producers. Read More

Multimedia about Titón to be presented during Cuban Film Festival

A multimedia material entitled ‘Titón’ will be presented at Havana’s ‘Hotel Nacional’ hotel on December 9th, in the framework of the 30th New Latin American Film Festival, which was inaugurated in the Cuban last December 2nd. Read More

In the Cuban easternmost province of Guantánamo: Cultural Event “A la guantanamera"

The &quot;A la guantanamera&quot; festivity, considered the most important cultural event in the Cuban easternmost province of Guantánamo, was inaugurated as part of celebration marking the 138th anniversary of the Villa del Guaso. Read More