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Press Center Opens in Santiago for CARICOM Summit

The press center for the 3rd Cuba-CARICOM Summit opened Saturday, two days before the meeting that will bring heads of state and government from the Caribbean member states to this eastern Cuban city. Read More

Meeting Dedicated to Cuban Five to Be Held in Miami

The organizations that make up the Alianza Martiana (Marti Alliance) based in Miami, has made a call for a meeting dedicated to the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who have been imprisoned in US jails since 1998, that will take place in that American city. Read More

Dominican Rep-2008: Electricity Blackmail

One chronic structural weakness of the Dominican Republic, electrical service, tainted with gloom the last quarter of 2008. Power cuts lasting 10 and more hours left the government without response. Read More

Brazil Out to Win at Havana Film Fest

Brazil was compete Sunday in the Havana festival with five films, one of them "Linha de passe," by Walter Salles, the history of a dysfunctional family in the Sao Paulo jungle. Read More

Cuba, venue for an analysis of culture and development in the Caribbean

The international working table that was opened in this capital is a space of reflection to give a boost to cultural development programs in seven Caribbean nations.<br /> Read More

Polo Montañez: An Incurable Romantic

Unlucky in love, though an incurable romantic, Polo Montañez lived his last years in a rush. Along with his four decade-long dreams, he left many unrecorded songs and the immense sadness unleashed by his physical absence.<br /> Read More

African movies are added to Havana festival

The list of African movies is made by movies from South Africa, Tunisia, Mali, Argelia, Marocco and Mozambique. Many of them are co produced with the USA, France and Portugal and are of great quality and resent. Read More

Trinidad-Tobago Prime Minister in Cuba

Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning was the first of Caribbean statesmen to arrive at this city, to attend the Third Cuba-CARICOM Summit, to be run December 8.<br /> Read More

Cuban Parliament Calls Sessions for December 27 at the Havana Convention Center

President of the Cuban Parliament Ricardo Alarcon called the 2nd period of the 7th Parliament Session for December 27 at the Havana Convention Center. Read More

Young Cubans create useful software to study History

An educational software that helps in the study of personalities and historic facts of ancient and medieval ages was created by two teenagers fro the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas. Read More