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 Multimedia about Titon to be presented during Cuban Film Festival
The multimedia presentation deals with the life and work of late Cuban filmmaker Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (1928-1996).

With this work, the Information Technology and Computer Center attached to the Cuban Ministry of Culture (Cubarte), offers those interested detailed, valuable information on the vast work of Titón, who is considered the most outstanding Cuban filmmaker of the 20th century.

It contains, for instance, statements by Titón himself, granted to Cuban TV programs and at press conferences, fragments of some of his films, a gallery of images and information on some unfinished projects.

The work, in Spanish and English languages, also includes interviews with Gary Crowdus, editor-in-chief of the magazine ‘Cineaste’, as well as with filmmakers Gerardo Chijona, Daniel Díaz and Rebeca Chávez and Cuban writer Senel Paz.

It also includes anecdotes from Titón’s life and several comments by other prestigious Cuban intellectuals like Roberto Fernández Retamar, Reynaldo González, Alfredo Guevara and Sergio Corrieri, among others, a list of his works in chronological order, several works by Cuban researcher Mercedes Santos Moray on Cuban cinema and Titón’s legacy.

“An artist deeply committed to the revolutionary cause of his people, his vast work reflects again and again, in one way or another, discrepancy between reality and those trying to change it, between rupture and defiance,” said Alfredo Guevara at the burial of Alea in April, 1996.

Guevara, who is currently the President of the New Latin American Film Festival stressed: “there was a great bond of friendship between us.”

Writer Reynaldo González, for his part stressed: “Here is a great filmmaker, a man of decision, deeply committed to his time, who strongly rejected the false argument that art is not politically or socially relevant.”

The multimedia presentation also contains a reference to what art critics consider some of the best Cuban and Latin American films, including of course some films by Gutiérrez Alea.


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