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Cuba: Advanced Technology in Surgery

In spite of being a developing nation suffering a harsh economic blockade, the technology used for surgery in the country is as advanced as that in any other part of the world, according to Dr. Alejandro García, head of the National Surgery Group. Read More

Cuba's National Ballet to Dance The Nutcracker in Canada

Cuba's National Ballet Company will make five presentations of the classic The Nutcracker in Hamilton, Canada, from December 11 through the 14. Read More

CARICOM Leaders to Cuban Event

Fourteen heads of State and Government from the independent Caribbean nations have confirmed attendance to the Third Cuba-CARICOM Summit, to be run December 8 in Santiago de Cuba. Read More

175th anniversary of the birth of Cuban scientist Dr. Carlos J.Finlay

The celebration of the 175th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Carlos J.Finlay, is a good opportunity to remember this great man who dedicated a great part of his life to discover the enigma of yellow fever. Read More

Bolivian president Evo Morales and Cuban Culture minister Abel Prieto met

Bolivian president Evo Morales and Cuban Culture minister Abel Prieto met at Quemado Palace, where they highlighted the two countries´ friendship and solidarity.<br /> Read More

Venezuelan Film in Havana Festival

Venezuelan filmmaker and scriptwriter Alberto Arvelo will debut Wednesday in the 30th Havana Cinema Festival with the movie &quot;Cryano Fernandez,&quot; one of the 22 full-length figure films in contest. Read More

Ally of cinema, the posters are competing in the Havana Festival

The cinematographic poster is a trip partner in every movie and will compete in the coming International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema in Havana with 26 posters, a category lead by Cuba with 12 works. Read More

Movies on Che in Cuban Latin American Film Festival

This year´s Latin American Film Festival of Havana marks the 30th anniversary of the creation of the event with 114 films from 14 countries on competition, and with Steven Soderbergh´s movies about Che Guevara, as special screenings in the biggest theatres of the Cuban capital. Read More

From Viña del Mar to Havana, dreams and realities

Since 1979 Cuba is the seat of the New Latin American Movie International Festivals in Havana, one of the main movie encounters on a world scale.<br /> Read More

Elmer Ferrer is a Cuban rock and jazz guitar placer he will launch to the market a new CD

In the rock sphere, there are in Cuba two guitar players who may be identified by a peculiar unmistakable sound. One of them is Jorge Chicoy and the other one is Elmer Ferrer, they are both from Havana and the last one is currently preparing an album.<br /> Read More