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Movies on Che in Cuban Latin American Film Festival
Soderbergh´s films "El argentino" and "El guerrillero", starring Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro as Che (image), will be screened on the coming week end at the Yara and Karl Marx theatres, with 2,500 and 5,000 seats respectively.

In "El argentino" (The Argentinean), the filmmaker portraits Che Guevara´s role alongside Fidel Castro in the Cuban revolution, while "El guerrillero" (The Guerilla) features Che´s campaign to expand the revolutionary movement across South America until his death in Bolivia in 1967.

The Argentinean film "Leonera" (Lion´s Den)by Pablo Trapero, was the opening movie of the festival.

"This is an unusual festival," said director Alfredo Guerrero to Cuban television as he noted that 80 per cent of the films were produced on a low budget. Guevara noted that in spite of the lack of resources "many of them are really outstanding."

In addition to the films in competition, a series of American experimental films from 1960-70will be screened. The festival will also feature Latin American fantasy and horror films, the history of Cuban music, the Latin American film industry in the United States, and other movies from Russia, Africa, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, Italy and Norway.


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