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Books by Fidel Attract Attention in Venezuela
Books titled Fidel Castro, A Basic Anthology and Venezuela and Chávez monopolized the attention of the readers who attended the International Book Fair in Venezuela.

The first volume is a collection of the main speeches, addresses and reflections of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution; the writings span between January 1, 1959 and the present.

Venezuela and Chávez is a compilation of Fidel Castro’s words in letters, writings, speeches and public acts that are dedicated to this South American nation and its current president. These writings cover the period between 1959 —when Castro visited Caracas for the first time— to 2006.

In this fair one can witness a great interest in the Cuban commander-in-chief. “Almost everyone who goes through the checkout has one of his books,” said Ocean Sur Publishing House’s Javier Salado to the Prensa Latina news agency.

Salado remarked that the demand for Fidel Castro’s Basic Anthology is extraordinary, noting that sales have been so brisk that there are now only a few copies in stock.

That book will have its official launching on Friday, two days before the closing of the fair, which is based at the Los Caobos Park in the Venezuelan capital. By that time, a greater quantity of copies will be available, indicated Salado.

He noted that another book very sought after is Manifestos, which collects The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx and Federico Engels, with Reform or Revolution, by Rosa Luxemburg, and Socialism and Man in Cuba, by Che Guevara.


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