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Salomon Med Students Head to Cuba
The students, 20 men and five women, will study in an academic and practical plan for the next six years.

Cuba established the program for the South Pacific insular states as part of its foreign policy of contributing to foster solidarity with less developed countries.

The source adds that there are already in Cuba another 25 medical students from the Salomon Islands.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services of this insular state in Melanesia, with around 600,000 habitants, said that once these 50 students graduate they could cover the national demand for doctors.

With the goal to form young adults from the South Pacific insular states, Cuba built a medicine school with capacity for 400 people in the western province of Pinar del Rio.

That institution will provide a space for 25 students from the Salomon Islands, 20 from Kiribati, 17 of Vanuatu, 10 from Tuvalu and two of Nauru.

Last November 7th, ten youngsters from Tuvalu traveled to Havana to begin their studies in medicine.


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