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The portal for Cuban culture to celebrate its 15th anniversary
Cubarte covers close to 300 cultural institutions, 140 thousand information registries and hundreds of news pages, directories, publications and other information systems, including main events, all of them published in Spanish, English and French.

It also includes a daily digital newspaper, the Por Cuba and Entorno bulletins and the cultural magazine in French Lettres de Cuba, hosts the Cuban Chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity and sites such as those dedicated to the five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters.

The multimedia editorial Ediciones Cubarte includes a huge catalogue of the products, continues the development of new projects such as digitalization and the compilation of Cuban cultural magazines and other publications on national history and culture.

Among its immediate challenges there is a material on the life and work, of the movie maker Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, the Cuban sites that have been declared World Heritage Sites and La Colmenita Theater Group.

Among the most important projects that are being undertaken are the re-design of its portal, the computerization of the public library network in the country and of the system of culture houses and the compilation of virtual information for artistic teaching.


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