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Mision del alma a new documentary by the the Cuban film director Roberto Chile
This testimony touches deep aspects, not just because of the calamities provoked by the atmospheric phenomena, but it also ennobles and shows to the light the spiritual feeling of the victims.

Chile needed somewhat less than twenty minutes to make us shake when we saw the images through the Cuban Television, in which pressure and sensibility go hand to hand.

Solidarity, which has grown throughout the years in Cuban people, especially in times of urgent demands, has in the sights of the movie the indispensable and dignifying space so that we may learn of the work undertaken by the Martha Machado Brigade.

The name of this cultural promoter is still accompanying the people from Isla de la Juventud from the memory of her spirit. Now it does it from the stamp of her son Kcho, a painter who has changed the subtlety of paintbrushes and clay, in order to dedicate himself with all his soul and body to rebuild, together with the inhabitants of that island, the isle of his dreams.

Just like him, Ernesto Rancaño, Kelvis Ochoa, David Torrens, Iván Soca, Pancho Amat y su Cabildo del Son, and many others members of the crusade are offering two things at a time: artistic presentations and the help to rise again what has been destroyed by the impertinent hurricanes.

The tape offers the testimony of those who have nothing today, except for the spirit to rise above catastrophes and a heart right in the middle of their chest capable of opening up to the sensibility of the indispensable song, the urgent poem or the spontaneous laugh for the joke.

It all comes together like a piece of human concrete unable to break apart. A human monolith of vital recurrence in the face if situations we have to face in Nature in this world of uncertain weather.

Together with Roberto Chile, his faithful producing team, with whom he has always granted us the spiritual exercise of seeing beyond common sight: to see inside of ourselves.

“The important thing is not the audio-visual work, but the humane work by Kcho and his group, fulltime in that island. These seventeen minutes can only give us a hint of what these men are doing for the people of the Isla de la Juventud at this terrible moment,” he confessed to this reporter. “I have grown with them; flowers have grown in my heart.”

I don’t deny that money is necessary as an exchange value. But the tour of Kchop and his troop around this Cuban island, demonstrate the existence of other governing patterns in the behavior of people. Bills have no reason, when the values of the soul and principles are put to the test.

Misión del alma (Mission of the soul), makes us better human beings seeing the work of that creator called Kcho, accompanied by the Brigade, who are working on the re-birth of the Isla de la Juventud. (By Marcos Alfonso).


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