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Gen Rosso Performing in Cuba
Gen Rosso will perform November 11-12 in Cienfuegos, the 15th in Pinar del Rio, and the closing four nights, Nov. 20-23, in Havana. The program also includes a workshop involving 160 students from the Cuban Higher Institute of Art and The Dance Center who will participate in some scenes of the musical.
Streetlight is based on the real story of the murder of Charles Moast, killed in a poor Chicago neighborhood in 1969. The musical fuses country music with Italia folk and traditional music evoking the funk of Afro-American groups and has been performed in 15 countries. The company is made up of musicians, singers, dancers and theatre technicians from Brazil, el Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the Philippines and Poland. In its performances the group fuses the music of funk, country, hip-hop, rock, blues, tango, rap, and African and Celtic music, among others.

The company was founded in 1966 in Florence and is currently under the direction of Valerio Gentile. It has won a UNESCO award for education and peace, and has performed on more than 220 tours. The group has produced 54 albums and some 320 songs in 24 languages. In recent years, Gen Rosso has worked with educational programs to raise awareness among young people about themes such as peace, non-violence and cultural plurality.

"We are very happy to be here in Cuba and working together," said Gentile, who spoke about Cuban culture calling it "a treasure that we will take with us to the rest of the world."


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