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Cuba Ethiopia Highlight their Excellent Bilateral Relations
Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister, Marcos Rodríguez, and Ethiopia's Minister of State for Foreign Relations, Tekeda Alemu, met at the Foreign Office in Havana. During their conversation, the two officials spoke about the development of bilateral ties, and about the most important problems of today's world.

Rodríguez made reference to the success of cooperation projects between Ethiopia and Cuba, in health and education among other sectors, which includes the training of young Ethiopians in Cuban universities.

After expressing his satisfaction with his visit to Cuba, Alemu stressed the important role played by Cuban soldiers in the 1970's in the preservation of Ethiopia's territorial integrity and stability.

He pointed out that Ethiopians will never forget Cuban internationalists or their participation in the fight for the national liberation against colonialism and neo-colonialism in the so-called Black Continent.

Prior to this meeting, the Ethiopian official placed a wreath at the mausoleum built to commemorate internationalist combatants in Havana's Colon Cemetery.


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