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About 100,000 bolivians recover sight

Some 100,000 people have so far recovered sight in Bolivia, thanks to the Operation Miracle, a free eye surgery program started with Cuba's support last year. Read More

Carilda film premieres in Cuba

The documentary "Memoria de la fiebre", dedicated to Carilda Oliver Labra, 1997 National Literature Prizewinner, premiered in Matanzas, Cuba on Thursday with the presence of poet and film director Manuel Jorge. Read More

Tribute paid to Simon Bolivar in Havana

Floral wreaths were placed on Thursday in front of the statue of Latin American independence hero Simon Bolivar located in Havana's Avenue of the Presidents coinciding with the 196th anniversary of the independence of Venezuela. Read More

Chucho and Bebo Valdés tour of Spain

Father and son pianists Bebo and Chucho Valdés, two living legends of the Cuban music will first begin a joint tour of Spain this Friday from Tenerife (Islas Canarias) reported their promoter firm The Project. Read More

Trova unites Danny Rivera and Frank Fernández

Popular Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera joined efforts with Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez to record a CD with songs by old singer-songwriters from the two countries. Read More

Reflections by Fidel: World tyranny

The founding fathers of the American nation could not imagine that what they were proclaiming at that time, as any other historical society, was carrying within it the seeds of its own transformation. Read More

Cuban docs climb Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala.

At the top of Guatemala's Pacaya volcano, members of the Cuban medical brigade in that country reaffirmed their commitment to provide assistance to the world's needy. Read More

Cuban veep visited Haiti

Cuba's Council of State Vice President Esteban Lazo carried out a visit to Haiti, to analyze the island's collaboration to that Caribbean nation. Read More

Cuba has obtained important results in the reduction of toxic gases that affects the ozone layer

Cuba has obtained important results in the reduction of toxic gases that affects the ozone layer, said Dr. Nelson Espinosa, Director of Cuba's Technical Office on the Ozone. Read More

Pure enthusiasm at the Jose Marti Airport

The first 200 Cuban athletes and trainers left for the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan American Games Read More