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Cuban team headed by Lázaro Bruzón to Pan American Chess Championship

Lázaro Bruzón, Cuban national champion Grand Master (GM), leads the Cuban team that will participate in the Pan American Chess Championship that starts on July 10th in Cali, Colombia. Read More

Cuba's National Ballet in Paris Summer Dance Festival

The National Ballet of Cuba will travel this weekend to France, to take part in the "Les Etés de la danse de Paris" (Paris Summer Dance Festival) from July 16 to August 3. Read More

French wind-propelled turbines in Cuba

The French company Vergnet, a manufacturer of wind-propelled turbines, will install those equipments on Cuban wind farms. Read More

The National Ballet of Cuba will participate in the Les Etés de la danse de Paris

The National Ballet of Cuba, under the direction of prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso, travels this weekend to France where it will participate in the Les Etés de la danse de Paris (Paris Summer Dance Festival) set for July 16 to August 3. Read More

Wind Power Generation will be increased in Cuba during the next years

By the end of 2010, Cuba will be generating around 300MW per year, output close to that of a major regional generating plant. As part as the country's "energy revolution" project eco-friendly power sources are under study and development in the island. Read More

Cuba graduates doctors from Haiti and and Mali

109 doctors from Haiti and Mali will be graduating in Cub a this year. Over many years more than 6.500 professionals including 569 international students (most of them from third world countries)have graduated from the Santiago de Cuba medical faculty. Read More