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Choose a healthy recreation

Cuban children, adolescents and youths already enjoy the holiday period, after the academic year in the different teachings. There are many ways of having fun in these months of July and August, although in spite of the high temperatures that falls on our surroundings. Read More

Brazilian President says it is not an embarrassment to finish behind Cuba in Pan American Games

"It is not an embarrassment for anyone to lose to Cuba in any of the competitions because the island has a tradition of 50 years at least, in sports competitions", said the Brazilian Head of State during an interview published in different Brazilian dailies. Read More

Cubas Sancti Spiritus granted recognition for the 26th of July

"The recognition received from the top leadership of the Revolution is, first of all, a commitment to continue, and to improve our work in every sphere", said Miguel Acebo Cortiñas, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of Cuban Communist Party in the province of Sancti Spiritus when referring to the celebrations for the 54 anniversary of the Moncada garrison attack. Read More

Cuban youth leaders raising the bar

The Cuban youth have always played a leading role in the history of revolutionary Cuba. For that reason Julio Martinez, the first secretary of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC by its abbreviation in Spanish), stated that the Young Communist League will be discussing ways to work more efficiently and use work styles that allow the members to get closer to Cuban young people Read More

Cuban band shines at Montreal Jazz Festival

The authenticity of the Cuban rumba group Los Muñequitos de Matanzas received raving audience reviews at the recently concluded Montreal 2007 Jazz Festival. The legendary group from the northwestern Cuban province of Matanzas performed before thousands of people, giving the best of their traditional repertoire while showing that rumba is alive in todays Cuban music. Read More

Silvio, famous singer/song writer to perform in cuban prisons

Silvio Rodriguez, a famous Cuban singer and song writer, is going on an unusual tour: hes visiting Cuban prisons as part of an initiative to promote human values and virtues. His aim is to help transform Cuban penitentiaries into real schools of salvation, instead of warehouses that stockpile, punish and ultimately produce more proficient criminals and offenders. Read More

Cuba graduates new class of teachers

More that 23,000 teachers graduated from the higher pedagogical institutes in Cuba. Among the new teachers are the first 4,827 secondary school «Generalist Teachers.» Read More

Vietnamese ambassador gets Cuba's friendship medal

Vietnam's ambassador to Cuba, Pham Tien Tu was awarded the Cuban Friendship Medal by the Council of State in a ceremonyheld at the Foreign Relations Ministry (MINREX) in Havana. Read More

Nearly 10.000 venezuelan patients treated in Cuba

Some 10.000 Venezuelans have been treated in the Havana-based Cira Garcia Hospital since Cuba and Venezuela began implementing a health cooperation agreement in 2001. According to the head of the department of medical records in the healthcare institution, Antolín Lovaina Gil, 950 Venezuelan patients have undergone aesthetic, orthopedic or brain surgery. Read More

Camagüey Province, venue of July 26 National Celebrations

The Political Bureau of Cuba's Communist Party Central Committee chose the Eastern province of Camagüey as the venue of main celebrations to mark National Rebelliousness Day. Read More