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Cuban historians urged to break with dogmatism

Cubans must take into account that young people are increasingly sceptical and it is more difficult to answer to their questions from a simplistic perspective of history, said Eliades Acosta, head of the partys Department of Culture Read More

Honorary Doctorate in Informatics to Fidel Castro

The diploma of Doctor Honoris Causa to Cuban President Fidel Castro for his systematic contributions to the development of science and technology was delivered to First Vice President Raul Castro. Read More

Cuban pins, hot item in Rio-2007

The demand for Cuban pins or flags in Rio-2007 exceeded pin reserves of the delegation. Read More

More gold medals to Cuba in cycling

Cuba won two more gold medals in the track cycling, this Thursday. Read More

Salvadorans in Cuba for eye operations

The Salvadorian group was welcomed at Jose Marti International Airport by social workers, who support Operation Miracle. Read More

Fidel: Another reflection about the Pan American Games

Cuban President Fidel Castro highlighted that Cuban athletes are ready to compete even in the mud, while in many countries, athletes do not even compete for their own nation. In his Friday's article entitled "Another Reflection about the Pan-American Games," the Cuban Revolution leader struck to see the number of athletes injured in many of the sports, with the exception of swimming, ping pong, tennis and a few others. Read More

Gold medal to Cuba in last day of Rowing competitions

The gold medal went to Cuba in the Men's Four Skiff On the last day of the rowing competition, this Thursday, at the Lagoa Stadium. Read More

Cuban Female Volleyball team Pan American champions

The Cuban female volleyball team defeat Brazil 3-2 Thursday to regain the Pan American Championship title. Read More

Cuban Judo super-heavyweight gold medal by Oscar Braison

Oscar Braison, Cuban Judo super-heavyweight division (over 100 kg), got the first gold medal in Pan American Games judo competitions, despite the indifference of the referees in the final match to his fighting actions, and the local hostility. Read More