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Pacaya Volcano
At the top of Guatemala's Pacaya volcano, members of the Cuban medical brigade in that country reaffirmed their commitment to provide assistance to the world's needy.

The 2,500-meter-high volcano at the Pacific ring of fire is one of the country's 37 most visited by nationals and foreigners.

This was an action similar to the way Cuban youth committed to the Revolution climb Turquino peak, the Island's highest, explained the brigade's coordinator, Yoandra Muro.

Once at the top, the doctors read a declaration reiterating their commitment with President Fidel Castro and the Revolution to provide their service anywhere needed.

"Today it is our duty to defend our conquests with love, sacrifice, humility, and altruism, putting internationalism on top," the text reads.

The Cuban medical brigade, comprising over 300 members, is currently assisting 17 of Guatemala's 22 departments.

In eight years, about 230,000 Guatemalan lives have been saved, and infant and maternal mortality rated reduced by over half.

Source: CubaSi

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