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Ozone layer

Cuba has obtained important results in the reduction of toxic gases that affects the ozone layer, said Dr. Nelson Espinosa, Director of Cuba's Technical Office on the Ozone.

Espinosa offered a conference during the last day of the 6th International Conference on the Environment that wound up on Friday in Havana.

He stressed that the Energy Revolution underway in the country has contributed in the reduction of important amounts of toxic substances that affect the ozone layer, like Freon gases, used in refrigerators and other equipment. The Cuban official also assured that the island's actions in the field have reduced the use of chlorofluorocarbons, one of the substances that destroy the layer that protects Earth.

Espinosa recalled only 24 countries signed the Montreal Protocol in 1987 at the time. How, however, 191 nations have signed the agreement, showing the will of the international community to recover the levels of the ozone layer to those of the 1980's.

Almost 800 delegates from 30 countries attended the 6th International Conference on the Environment and Development which began on Monday in Havana. Also present in the important event was the Executive Director of the UN Environment Agency, Achim Steiner who offered a master conference on the effects of climate changes on the earth's ecosystems.

Source: Periodico26

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