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Turkish caricaturist donates award to cuban children

Sait Munzur, winner of the Grand Prix at the 15th International Biennial of Humor of San Antonio de los Baños, Havana donated the prize money to the Cuban children Read More

Cuba vs. the United States in Rotterdam Competition

The Cuban team members participating in this competition are, in the main, players who could not make the team selected for the Pan-Am Games. Read More

Organization of Cubas General Elections working well

Cubas 90 district electoral commissions will be established tomorrow and its more than 15,000 neighborhood electoral commissions will be established during the weekend Read More

A "Chamaco" with habit and virtue

This unquestionable talent of our scene and letters is satisfied by the welcoming given to his books in the public. Read More

Cuba for the Pan American Gold in baseball

The US team was the only one unbeaten in the preliminary round Read More

Cuba, Brazil for Latin American leadership

Cubans won Wednesday seven medals (four gold, one silver and two bronze), to score 13-5-9, only led by United States 30-35-13. Read More

Cuban Julio Cesar Herrera gold medal in the speed cycling

The Cuban Julio César Herrera, current world-wide champion on the track, confirmed the favoritism and guaranteed the gold medal in the speed test in the XV Pan American Games Rio 2007. <br /> Read More

Solidarity caravan to Cuba goes on

Nearly 150 caravan members of the 18th US-Cuba Solidarity Caravan that with a friendship message travels to the island Thursday Read More

American people Interested in learning about Cuba

The 38th Contingent of the Venceremos Brigade, the oldest US friendship organization with Cuba, is now in our country and held a meeting with leaders of student and youth organizations Read More

New leak identified at damaged Japanese nuclear plant

The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said radioactive iodine had leaked from an exhaust pipe at the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata prefecture on Japan's north-west coast following Monday's magnitude 6.8 earthquake Read More