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Cuba for the baseball gold medal in Pan American games

Cuban and US teams will dispute the Pan American baseball gold medal on Thursday. Read More

Miguel Ángel Bideaux García: dean of the art instructors

This is not the work of a bricklayer, who builds with bricks and cement, but with the soul, shaking the spirit and promoting the talent." Read More

Cuban teaching method sweeps out illiteracy in Managua

Nicaragua, Managua has become the first city in Central America to be declared illiteracy free thanks to the successful implementation of the "Yes, I can" Cuban teaching method. Read More

Injured cuban athlete takes First Spot in Taekwondo

Despite a serious contusion that inflamed the muscles around his right knee, Cuban athlete Gerardo Ortiz obtained on Tuesday the tiebreaker point in his 80 kg Taekwondo match Tuesday to win a gold medal at the 15th Pan American Games. Read More

Statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the U.S. Interests Section to comply thoroughly and seriously with its obligation to grant a minimum of 20,000 visas annually for Cuban citizens to emigrate in a safe, legal and orderly way to that country, and it holds the U.S. government completely responsible for its failure to comply with its commitment. Read More

Cuba won in men's and women's beach volleyball

Cuban men&#39;s players Alvarez and Munder defeated Nicaraguan team by 2 - 0. <br />In the Women&#39;s volleyball tournament, Cuban players Fernandez and Larrea crushed Trinidad and Tobago team, by 2 - 0, this Tuesday. Read More

More medals to Cuba in Rowing at RIO 2007

This Tuesday at the Lagoa Rowing Stadium Cuba won gold medals by Mayra Gonzalez in the Womens Single Sculls and in the Mens Lightweight Double Sculls, by Eyder Batista and Yunior Perez. Read More

The brain drain

A society in which millions of human beings are considered superfluous, the brain drain of South countries constitutes a common practice and economic power and new technologies are wielded by only a handful of nations cannot be called human, not by a long shot. Overcoming this dilemma is as important for the destiny of humanity as mitigating the climate change crisis which scourges the planet, two problems which are completely interrelated. Read More

Tattoos winning followers in Cuba

The tattoo fashion is growing in modern societies. Many Cuban youths view these with prejudice or stereotypes, while others who have chosen to have one created on their body do so with concern Read More

Where can fat people go?

Theres neither a national center nor a coordinate mechanism in Cuba for obese and overweight people, who seem to have fallen in some sort of no mans land as a result Read More