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The killing machine

President Fidel Castro is probing into the recent declassification of CIA documents regarding illegal actions by that agency, including plots to eliminate foreign leaders. He underlines that what the documents reveal about the past still continue, only in a more brutal way. Those actions are on global scale and also within the United States, Fidel Castro explains.<br /> Read More

New multinational electricity generating plant

The new multinational installation forms part of the Energy Revolution program, and its construction is now underway at the Cayo Largo del Sur tourist resort, where it will cope with all the electric power required for that island that has 25 kilometers of beaches. Read More

7 against Tebas premiers in Havana

Los 7 contra Tebas, a long-expected theatre play by the National Literature Prize-winning dramatist Antón Arrufat will debut in Sala Covarrubias of the Teatro Nacional on August 7. Read More

Santiago de Cuba Caribbean Festival

Since 1981, Santiago de Cuba blazes with excitement in hosting the Caribbean Festival, a large popular celebration of culture and traditions that attract hundreds of participants every year in July. Read More

A pictorial adventure

"Resurgimiento" -Reinassance- a collective sample integrated by six artists, all of them members of the "José Martí"s Arts Brigade, at "Impactos" arts gallery.<br /> Read More