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  • 07 / 13 / 2007

Cuban youth leaders raising the bar
The Cuban youth have always played a leading role in the history of revolutionary Cuba.

For that reason Julio Martinez, the first secretary of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC by its abbreviation in Spanish), stated that the Young Communist League will be discussing ways to work more efficiently and use work styles that allow the members to get closer to Cuban young people, whether they are members of the organization or not.

"The objective is to achieve a real strengthening of the grassroots committees of the organization, which has been harmed by the misconception that the work of the organization can be measured through figures. The strength of the organization should be in the quality of the members, not in their amount" he said.

The meeting was also an opportunity to present 14 new measures to improve the internal work of the organization. Among the new measures are the recovery of the youth activism, the need to strengthen political education, work plans and the improvement of the quality of meetings in the grassroots committees.

Source: By Dora Perez Saez, Juventud Rebelde

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