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Brazilian President says it is not an embarrassment to finish behind Cuba in Pan American Games
"It is not an embarrassment for anyone to lose to Cuba in any of the competitions because the island has a tradition of 50 years at least, in sports competitions", said the Brazilian Head of State during an interview published in different Brazilian dailies.

"But Brazil has begun to dedicate itself more to sports. To prepare an athlete for a gold medal demands a preparation of at least 15 years", said Lula da Silva.

Brazil, host to the 15th Pan American Games will have the largest delegation ever to the regional games and has aimed at the possibility of knocking Canada from their traditional third place in the medal standings.

During the interview, the Brazilian President revealed having practiced boxing in his youth but abandoned the sport due to the rigorous training and too many blows to his face, said Lula.

He insisted that the organization of the Pan American Games is an example of Brazil's capacity in hosting important international events and will re-enforce its possibilities of requesting the site of the World Soccer Cup in 2014 or the Olympic Games of 2016.

The Brazilian President will officially inaugurate the Pan American Games on Friday in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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