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Choose a healthy recreation
Cuban children, adolescents and youths already enjoy the holiday period, after the academic year in the different teachings.

There are many ways of having fun in these months of July and August, although in spite of the high temperatures that falls on our surroundings.

Sometimes families wonder what they are going to do with their children in this period, because in fact not all parents and relatives can also go on holidays around this time of the year.

Unquestionably a healthy recreation is the smartest choice, because in builds up fun while strengthening the formation of values.

Its important to keep routine out of our homes: Any given day vacationers can stay in bed for a little pass waking hours during the period of study, because this helps to recover the strength for the stage that will begin in September.

The practicing of outdoors sports is a good choice, which can also be carried out in recreational centers like camping sites, beaches, rivers, parks and other places, always keeping top caution in order to avoid accidents.

In this a sense the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) should direct and guide recreation and physical culture plans to children, youths, and adults, with the support of the different social organizations.

Board games are another alternative, among them chess, checkers, domino, puzzles and so on, to which adults can join in during leisure and enjoy together with children.

Dusting up a bit the books acquired in the Book Fair or bookstores are another opportunity for the youth to come closer to the pleasure of reading, which contributes to an intellectual enhancement and the acquisition knowledge.

Libraries in each territory are another choice where learning activities are also organized.

Visiting cultural institutions (like museums, culture houses, libraries and others) which work for this holiday period with all the manifestations of art are also a good selection.

For those who prefer to stay at home, Cuban television schedules a varied summer program that includes all genres: musical, dramatized, cartoons, films, humor shows and others.

These are not the only proposals. Hence the imagination of each person and family must come forth so that these two months feed the soul of those who enjoy the necessary holiday period.

Source: CubaSi

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