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 Congenital malformations with a very low index in Cuba
Nearly 90% of congenital malformations, one of the main causes of mortality among children, are diagnosed in Cuba thanks to an efficient infant-maternal program implemented throughout the island.

Director of the Provincial Center of Genetics in the eastern Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba, Dulce Hechavarria, said half of malformation cases can be prevented through adequate monitoring and prenatal diagnosis, which are the guidelines of that scientific institution.

Malformations are defects in the formation of the foetus which can affect the functioning or the morphology of organs and systems, not all of which are incompatible with life.

The strategy to face this problem includes the monitoring and multidisciplinary assessment of the pregnant women at risk, as well as the training of specialists and technicians.

The causes of congenital malformations can be biological, environmental or a combination of both. They include congenital cardiopathy, alcohol consumption during the early stages of pregnancy, the use of medicaments without prescription, viruses, diseases, and immature or older mothers.

Cuba 's outstanding achievements in the field of medical genetics have been put within the reach of all its citizens.

Source: Tiempo 21

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