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Guije, a different Cuban figure

One of the most famous legend characters in Cuba is the Guije. People use to talk about his existence mainly at the northern part of the island. Telling the true, for many inhabitants of the region, he has gone beyond the bounds of the immaterial world to become a nightmare.

Those who had met him still argue about his appearance. Some identify him as a small old black man, others as a small boy of the same race and size with prominent eyes and even with great eyeteeth. Some people have seen him like a monster with goat legs and a caiman tail.

He behaves like an astute and evil goblin. It is said that he is faster than a horse and jump great fences better than a grasshopper. In addition, he becomes invisible like crossing a door.

Regarding his habitat, we can say that he lives in the pool of rivers whose water never ends; he uses to go out at any time.

Although it is said that he is able to do anything, he has never hurt anybody. In general, the stories about him explain that once he is discovered by a human being, he quickly run away at a supernatural speed. Some people say that they have captured him; however, they never proved it.

The difference is what has distinguished this character forever and it is precisely what has drawn peoples attention. There are countless legends about the Guije that take part of the oral tradition of the Cuban people at the central part of the country. This has positively contributed to encourage popular imagination and the literary heritage of those people.

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